Calibers for Beginners: .308 Winchester Rifle Ammunition

The .308 Winchester is the one of the most popular rifle ammunition after the .223 Remington. The .308 has had a reputation of valuable quality for decades, and this is well deserving. Shooters who experienced the AR revolution that preferred an all-round cartridge chose the .308 because of its innumerable bullet options and its increased power. Most people picked the .223, 9mm, .308 Win and .45 ACP instead or a combination of these rifles. The .308 hasn’t attained a similar standard like the widespread AR-15 with its plug-structure. Some manufacturers are likely to have their design for AR-style rifles with chambers for .308 or the AR-10. It is also applicable to the series of differences in bolt action for generations. That aside, there are lots of independent rifle options you can choose. So, what will a new shooter gain from the .308 Win? The distinction between the .308 Win. and other rifles indicate why it is an excellent option for newbies. 


The .308 Winchester offers a great ballistic platform, good accuracy and more equilibrium. Until recently, the .308 Winchester caliber or 7,62x51mm was the most popular option for the military service round. 

A small historical background of the .308 Winchester ammunition is that it was first offered for sales to civilians before the military indicated an interest in the rifle. 

A beginner should know that a rifle isn’t just any typical instrument, it’s a different ball game altogether. In highlighting the features of the .308 rifle, we’ll consider the benefits it offers to a newbie in the shooting field. A new shooter can benefit the following using the—308 rifle ammunition. 

Widespread availability: The .308 rifle ammunition is standard everywhere and anywhere and is a trusted rifle brand. It’s effortless to get a good shell for your rifle that offers accuracy. 

Sufficient power for different hunting species: The .308 rifle ammunition is a sturdy cartridge that can take bullets more than 20gr and is effective for hunting. Many ammunition options are spanning from long-range match loads to import rifles that cost several dollars. There’s a .308 rifle with an answer to all your hunting needs. It is also easy with a long history of use in competition and match shooting. Therefore, there are lots of good hand load options with combinations of powder, bullets and brass. 

It has tested and Trusted weapon platforms: A good number of quality .308 rifles have a traceable military origin. The Remington 700 was used as a sniper rifle dating back to the Vietnam War and is still in use today.  

Match loads: It’s easy to buy .308 rifles as they are readily available and also efficient. For the .308 rifle, hunting ammo is the most prevalent type available. It is one of the commonest cartridges for game hunting, and many users subscribe to this rifle. The best products in this category are Remington, Winchester, Barnes and Hornady. 

Bulk loads: There is much military ammo available from different sources such as Wolf, Lake City, Tula, Bear etc., which make affordable ammo. There are different types of rifles chambered in .308, and they perform other functions. 

But what are the disadvantages of the .308 rifle for a beginner? 

The excellent .308 rifle has some downsides to it as a beginner. They include: 

.308 rifles vary in size: Some .308 rifle ammunition are larger and heavier than their counterparts, but with advancement, they are becoming lighter in weight. The result is a .308 that’s comparable to 5.56mm options. 

The recoil is more significant: The .308 belongs in a similar recoil group as other rifles like 7.62x54R and .30-06. These rounds lack a fearsome recoil but are way more than beginners. Thus,  new shooters can’t take on this rifle easily while shooting. 

The .308 rifle is more expensive: This ammunition is higher in price than smaller calibers and can also incur costs, especially when it’s in higher volume. Their prices are comparable to other rifles in the same category, but they have a distinct price difference between the AR-15 and AR-10. Also have difference the scope for ar-15 and scope for ar-10.

Choosing .308 Factory Match Ammo

How do you choose the best .308 ammo?

The best ammo for your .308 rifle is hand-loaded ammo that will suit your shooting style and needs as a beginner. 

What is “Match” Ammo?

“Match” ammo is another word for factory-loaded ammo with a bit more accuracy. It implies that the ammo was loaded and tested to build accurate ammo, the best possible. That’s to say that the manufacturer noticed some ammo was more accurate than others. However, the industry has no standard, as match means different things for a different manufacturer. 


The .308 is a long-range cartridge and also qualifies as a bolt action rifle with its setup. You can’t go wrong with a .308 cartridge, even as a beginner. Although there are new calibers, you can’t ignore the .308 rifle for a beginner because it can perform everything required of a gun. It is also widely available and very affordable. Get the best ammo for your rifle and enjoy the shooting experience. 

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