How to Choose Night Vision Scope for AR-15 Hunting?

how to choose night vision scope for AR-15 Hunting

The AR-15 remains one of the most versatile rifles for long-range and mid-range shooting. It is a favorite for hunters who are presented with varying scenarios. While the AR-15 is pretty reliable, you need the best optics to have a precise shot. It even gets worse when hunting at night. There is no denying night time is the best time to hunt.

When the sun goes down, you have the perfect opportunity for predators and feral hog control. While there are higher chances of finding the game at night, you have minimal chances of spotting it. This is why we need night vision scopes for AR-15 hunting. Your versatile AR-15 alone is not enough without the right night vision scopes.

Detecting game at night

Scope choice is a hot topic especially when it comes to hunting in the dark. There is minimal light for normal day scopes to work. This requires choosing the best night vision scope. There are a lot of factors to consider before you can decide on the ideal night vision scope.

You need to take into consideration the hunting distance, conditions, and available light. Once you understand the hunting conditions, there are two-night optics for you to consider. These are the night vision scope and the thermal scope. Both optics help hunters in detecting, recognizing, and targeting the game. So, the big question is which is the most suitable between a night vision scope and a thermal scope.

Let’s have a look at the two categories of night optics to mount on your AR-15 rifle.

Night vision scopes

Night vision scopes are the most common and one you’ve probably seen on TV. Military movies on the TV show the scope with a green-hued screen. Night vision scopes work by collecting and intensifying any ambient light available. These can be starlight, moonlight, and any light on the sky at night. These scopes are usually paired with infrared light that illuminates a target or field.

The infrared light is usually invisible to the eye but looks like a spotlight through a night-vision scope. In simple terms, night vision scopes work just like the human eye. They are able to see light bouncing off objects and targets and creating an image of the said target.

Types of night vision scopes

Night vision scopes have evolved through the years with new generations coming into the market. When choosing a night vision scope, you will see terms as Gen 1, Gen 2, and Gen 3 night vision scopes. These terms go to show the generations through which night visions copes have evolved. Gen 1 night vision scopes are the most basic and usually budget-friendly. Each generation after one will cost you more to generation 3.

If you’re looking for further detection with minimal ambient lights, then consider the high-end Gen 3 night vision scopes. Nowadays, we have a new classification called the Digital Night Vision which uses an intensifier tube. It is a versatile scope that can also be used during the daytime.

Thermal Optics

There is a big difference between night vision scopes and thermal optics. Thermal optics read heat by detecting temperature changes. The thermal optics feature high-tech processors in the thermal optic. The high-tech processors are able to detect any large difference in temperatures and create a digital image of the heat map.

You can clearly see digital pictures of objects and landscapes in the optic. Different thermal scopes feature different color pallets. You can switch color pallets to your specifications. In simple terms, thermal scopes are heat sensors. Thermal scopes can see minute differences in the heat with higher precision.

When hunting, the game just like humans generates heat making their surroundings warmer. Cold blooded animals like snakes will be hard to see since their body heat matches the surroundings. Because thermal scopes detect heat radiations, they don’t require any light to produce an image.

Thermal scopes are suitable for hog and deer hunting at night. You need to consider a thermal image scope that will perfectly mount on your AR-15. You can also consider a thermal imaging monocular which is lightweight and extremely durable. Such thermal scopes allow hunters to quickly spot hogs and deer at night increasing their chances of a successful kill.

Deciding between a night vision scope and a thermal scope

The two optics come with their pros and cons. Night vision scopes are suitable for hunting in clear fields without bushes and tall grasses. They produce a clear image of the target without shining visible light in the game. However, night vision will not see through fog, tall grass, and foliage.

Thermal scopes, on the other hand, can see through smoke, fog, grass, and foliage. It clearly reads heat making it a suitable choice in fog conditions. However, most thermal optics cost thousands of dollars.

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Best AR-15 Upgrades – 5 Best AR-15 Accessories to Upgrade Your AR-15

best AR-15 Upgrades

Are you looking to upgrade your AR-15 to the best rifle possible? The AR-15 is one of the most versatile guns out there for short and long-range shooting. If you’ve used the AR-15 before, there are parts you loved, and others you wanted to be modified. We are all different and have different needs. While you might enjoy contoured grips, some shooters just like smooth grips.

However, customizing your AR-15 should not be a difficult task. There are endless ways you can modify and upgrade your AR-15 to suit your needs. In fact, the AR-15 is by far the most customizable gun possible. There are varieties of components on the gun you can easily upgrade. The best AR-15 is one that is customized to your particular shooting preference.

The end results?

In the end, the upgrades will give you a more accurate AR-15 for an optimal shooting experience. You will possess a gun that feels comfortable to use in your hands. You can greatly increase your shooting accuracy by 45% by making simple upgrades. And, the good news is that you don’t have to take your AR-15 to a gunsmith to have the upgrades done.

So, what are the best AR-15 upgrades to make?

5 Best AR-15 Upgrades

Before making any AR-15 customization, you need to be well-versed with gun laws in your state. You want to be on the good side of the law before making any upgrades. Having done that, let’s have a look at the most important AR-15 upgrades.

AR-15 Trigger

The AR-15 trigger plays a crucial role by having the final say on when the round leaves the barrel. The best AR-15 trigger will leave your finger feeling comfortable and at home. When your finger feels comfortable, you’re certain to enjoy the high accuracy time and again.

Apart from the excellent feel of the trigger, you need one that offers a comfortable level of resistance. The ideal AR-15 trigger must be extremely durable to withstand every possible environment. When it comes to AR-15 triggers, you might want to look at curved and straight triggers. These are the best and offer a crisp pull in low-intensity shooting. We also have single-stage triggers which are perfect for high-pressure scenarios.

The best option for you is to consider an AR-15 trigger kit that comes with the trigger, disconnector, disconnector spring, trigger spring, a J-hook spring, and a hammer. The bottom line is that you need to consider the task at hand and choose a matching AR-15 trigger. Having the right trigger means accurate shooting and an overall better shooting experience.

AR-15 Optics

The next important AR-15 accessory to consider is the right optic. The better you sight your targets, the more accurate you shoot. Under optics, there are several options to consider. First, you need to consider the best AR-15 rifle scope to match your shooting requirements. The scopes are readily available and come with different specs for long-range and short-range shooting. AR-15 scopes offer a superior advantage in any combat situation. They are designed to provide precise shots to help you accomplish your mission. The scopes come in handy when performing long-range shooting.

You can also consider sights that fit your AR-15 and match your intended use. There are varieties of sights available. A red dot sight is one important that displays a dot with a circle on the optic lens. Red dot optics are ideal for fast and accurate target acquisition. They work best in low light conditions and are primarily used for predator hunting, competitive shooting, and home defense. Red dots are ideal and offer the best accuracy at 100 yards.

It is important to note that red dots are not magnifying scopes and best work in the close range shooting. If you’re looking for more information about any thing related to scopes & sights, you can check out this in-depth article.


Next, you need to consider your AR-15 grips. How the rifle feels in your hands plays an important role in your shooting capabilities. The rifle must feel right when you grip it. You need to spend less time on your hands and more time on shooting. Upgrading the grips of your AR-15 depends on what best feels comfortable.

You can consider the smoother or rigid grips depending on what best feels comfortable. Next, you need to choose the right grip material. There are polymer and rubber grips with or without fiberglass reinforcement. The ideal grips selected must increase your comfort levels and ergonomics. This will help you feel comfortable and relaxed, reduced tension. In addition, make sure you consider the finger grooves, palm swells, and contours.

Enlarged trigger guards

 When it comes to safety, trigger guards are quite essential. The guards help protect your trigger and trigger components. Consider upgrading your rifle with enlarged trigger guards for comfortable use with gloves. Enlarged trigger guards provide more room for your trigger.

Extended magazine release

 Extended magazine releases are more durable and can serve you for years to come. Small stock magazine releases are cumbersome and waste your time as you fumble with small buttons. How fast you use your AR-15 depends on fast you drop your used magazine and reload. Customizing your AR-15 for fast magazine reload requires extended magazine releases.

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