How To Choose A Scope For A 308

You have a .308 rifle, and what’s not to love about it? This rifle is the ultimate. It is arguably the most popular short-action, big-game hunting cartridge you can own. Civilians, military and the police all appreciate the .308 rifle.

Straight out of the box, a .308 can shoot accurately at 200 yards. This is great, but what can you do if you want to expand that range? The answer is to add an optic. Scopes have the ability to take your rifle and make it even better.

In order to purchase the right scope for your .308, you need to answer a few questions. It is good to know what you intended to use the scope and rifle for- competition target shooting? Big game hunting? It is also crucial to know what your maximum shooting distance will be, since not all scopes will shoot out to the same distance. And you should also have a budget in mind. The price of scopes can have quite a price range. Since most gun owners consider accessories to be part of their gun investment, it’s a good idea to have a working budget.

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What is the purpose of a scope?

More and more people are taking up an interest in hunting and in firearms. This means that there is also a growing interest in accessories. Accessories have the ability to turn an average hunting day into a great one. For rifles, there are many accessories available to add on and enhance your shooting experience.

One of these accessories is a scope. Scopes are used by rifle owners for different reasons. There are some scopes for night use, others are intended for shorter ranges, some are better for varmint hunting and some are designed for long range shooting.

By adding on the right scope for the .308 caliber rifle, you increase your ability to enjoy all of the favorable benefits that the rifle has to offer, including aerodynamic shooting, comfortable weight, economic power consumption, and multiple use capabilities in a number of settings.

It is crucial to decide how you will use your rifle and scope. Long range shooting is defined as shooting that takes place at a distance that requires the shooter to factor in ballistics, especially windage and bullet drop. These two factors are necessary for accurate target hitting at a distance.

In the sport of shooting, long range shooting is generally broken down into different classes. Benchrest shooting involves distance that are between 100-1000 yards. F class shooting is typically 300-1000 yards as well. Practical Precision shooting involves targets that are 100-1800 meters out and use steel targets.

Other factors that contribute to deciding long range shooting are, weather and caliber and the distance at which you consistently hit your target. For a .22 rifle, any distance over 100 yards is considered long distance.

It is important to know if you plan on using a scope on your 308 for shooting at 100 yards, or the scope on your 308 for hunting.

Which Brand Should You Go With?

Almost every company makes scopes for the .308 rifle. You will find a wide range of process and some extras. However, all scopes have certain features in common. Here are some factors to care before buying a scope.


Durability is one of the really important attributes that you’ll need to come to terms with when finding a scope. One of the major reasons why it’s so important is because it can be able to absorb consistent episodes of shock. And let’s not forget some of the other things that could be damaging to a scope. We’re talking about water, fog, and even instances of bad weather. As a rule, find a scope made from high-quality aluminum since it’s proven to handle all the abuse and bumps that come with regular use.

2. The scope can hold its zero

When you mount a scope on your .308 you will need to zero it for best results. You want to be sure that the scope you purchase can reasonably maintain that zero. The .308 rifle does have a recoil and the scope needs to be able to handle that. It is important to remember that when you are out in the field or range, it is not the right time to zero or rezero your scope.

3. Fixed vs Variable Power

Magnification is another important element to a highly-functioning scope. But there are two types that you may need to choose from: fixed or variable. So what’s the difference between the two? Fixed power can be used if you plan on going deep into the woods while hunting.

This means you won’t be out in the open like a field. So you need to deal with trees, shrubs, and whatever else. Also, fixed scopes have only one level of magnification and it’s typically a low level of power.

Variable on the other hand has a range of magnification levels. This will come in handy if you plan on doing any hunting or shooting targets at longer distances. Keep in mind that some higher levels may indicate that the scope can be able to go the distance.

4. Eye Relief

Eye relief is sometimes an overlooked aspect of a scope. It refers to the distance between your eye and the scope that allows you to see a clear picture. When you factor in the recoil of rifles, this distance is important. The minimum recommendation is 3.5” of eye relief.

How much should I budget for my scope?

You might be wondering about the bottom line and how much this will cost you. Keep in mind that scope can vary widely in price. When you are considering adding a scope, it helps to think of it as an investment. You want a quality piece, at a good price, that will last.

With that in mind, you do not have to purchase the most expensive scope at the store. The best scope you can buy is the one that matches your skill level and need and still fits in your personal budget.

It is feasible to purchase scopes for under $100.00. You can also purchase a scope for several thousands of dollars. Remember, you do not have to spend a ton of money. Purchase a scope with the features you need for the shooting you will be doing. A good rule to follow when purchasing a scope is that it should cost at least ½ of what your rifle cost.

Points to Remember

A scope for your .308 rifle should help you take your shooting to a new level. This accessory is meant to enhance your shooting by helping you to sight your targets better and with greater accuracy. You should realize that scopes are made with a range of features. You need to think about how you will be using the scope and know what your maximum shooting distance will be before making a purchase. This will help you choose the best scope for yourself and your needs.

The .308 rifle is extremely popular and widely available. Almost every optics manufacturer will have a scope to fit a .308. When you choose you scope, make sure you understand how it is mounted on to your rifle. And make sure you have the proper mounting equipment.

After you have properly mounted your scope to your rifle, you will need to zero it. Correctly zeroing your scope will increase your success in the field and hitting targets. Zeroing your scope does take some time, so make sure you allow for this.

You zero your scope by setting up targets at 50 yards. Take 3-5 shots and then look at how close you are to the bullseye. Make the necessary adjustments to your scope and try again. Once you are successful at 50 yards, back out to 75 yards. The go back to 100 yards. Repeat the process until you have zeroed your scope for your preferred shooting distance.

There is a wide range of prices when it comes to scopes. You can reasonably spend under $100 and get a solid scope. You can also spend thousands of dollars and get a good scope. You should look to purchase a scope that has the features that will be most beneficial to you for the hunting you will be doing. And treat the purchase as an investment; you will have your scope for many years.


The .308 rifle is a universal firearm. It is made by almost every manufacturer and the ammo is widely available almost everywhere. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned rifle owner, the .308 is a good choice.

You can use a .308 rifle for competition shooting. You can also use it for hunting almost every type of North American game. If you enjoy game hunting, or need to protect your property this rifle is a smart choice.

To enhance your .308 rifle, you should consider adding a scope. Scopes today are designed to be lightweight so they will not contribute to user fatigue when out in the field for long hours. These scopes have a range of features and prices. It is possible to purchase a scope that will enhance your rifle experience.

Treat your scope purchase as an investment. You should expect to use it for years to come. A .308 and a decent scope make a great team. If you are not sure which one is best for you, stop in your local gun shop and the experts will be happy to help.

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