Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Become a Dealer?

Tac-con USA is happy to provide our triggers to dealers and distributors. To apply to become a dealer, fill out our dealer request form. We will need a copy of your EIN as well as your state sales tax license.

Pricing for our products differs from dealer to dealer depending on the volume of orders as well as many other factors. We are open to discussing pricing changes after a relationship has been built.

We currently do not offer dealer pricing for the AK-47 Raptor or 241 triggers. All dealers will receive an email notification once we start offering distributor pricing for these product lines.

You'll need to have an account with us if you haven't made one already. Once you have all the necessary info send us a message at and we'll get you set up with a dealer account.

Does your Trigger Work with my System?

Take a look at our compatibility guide to see if our triggers work with the your firearm system. If you don’t see your rifle listed in our compatibility guide, shoot us an email (no pun intended) and we will get back to you shortly with a solution to your problem!

What new products are coming from Tac-con?

Here at Tac-Con™ we are constantly innovating and bringing new technology to the firearm community. Sign-up for our New Products Newsletter to stay up to date on our products as well as receive discounts and promotions.

If you have an inquiry about a particular trigger system send us an email and we will take your feedback into consideration. Our newest trigger, the "241" was created as a direct result of customer feedback.

We are listening and fully appreciate the input of the firearm community.

Does Tac-Con offer discounts for Military and Law Enforcement?

Tac-con proudly supports the military and police servicemen with our First Responder discount. If you are a member of the military or armed services send us an email and we will apply a discount to your order.

Media Inquiry

We are always happy to partner up on projects and we’re open to sponsorship. All media inquiries should be addressed to

Is the Tac-Con Trigger Legal in my State?

All Tac-Con™ Triggers are ATF compliant for semi-automatic rifles. The legality for law enforcement applications varies from state to state and depends on your State's law. Inquire with your local jurisdiction for more information.