How to choose a scope mount for a 308

You have a .308 rifle, and what’s not to love about it? This rifle is the ultimate. It is arguably the most popular short-action, big-game hunting cartridge you can own. Civilians, military and the police all appreciate the .308 rifle.

This rifle is pretty powerful, a .308 can shoot accurately at 200 yards. This is great, but when you add a scope that range extends considerably. Scopes have the ability to take your rifle and make it even better.

What is the purpose of a scope?

Which scope mount will be your cup of coffee? What scope will take you to distances you never knew were possible? It’s important to find an accessory that has the ability to reach various distances depending on the intent and purpose you choose. Granted, you are able to reach one distance with Scope A, but Scope B has the ability to go well beyond 500 yards. So what exactly will you choose? It depends on the application.

By adding on the right scope for your .308 caliber rifle, you are only increasing your ability to enjoy all of the favorable benefits that the rifle has to offer, including aerodynamic shooting, comfortable weight, economic power consumption, and multiple use capabilities in a number of settings.

The .308 rifle is probably one of the more popular rifle choices. It is safe to say that almost every optics manufacturer will have a scope that will fit your.308 rifle. When purchasing a scope, make sure you understand how it is mounted. It is crucial that the scope be mounted correctly. In fact, without a mount a scope is useless. The mount is the glue that holds the whole combo together.

Scope Mounts

Scope mounts are available in different designs and with different features. Which one you choose is based on personal preference and scope manufacturer recommendation. Sometimes it will depend on what kind of shooting you will be doing. All scope mounts are available as one-piece mounts or ring mounts. Let’s take a closer look at the different types of scope mounts that are available.

One-piece mounts

If you are looking for something that will be easy and straightforward, then you know that one piece scope mounts might be exactly what you are looking for. All you have to do is install a scope on there and bang, you’re done. The installation will mostly be simple and won’t require any complex fitting.

Scope Rings

Scope rings have been around for a very long time. Your father used them and so did his father. The only difference is now that these scope rings of today are a lot sturdier and quite easy to tack onto a .308 rifle. You’re really going to love having scope rings handy if you just want something that will allow for reliable security and a strong hold to ensure that every shot you take is straightforward and precise.

You will need a base

Mounts also require a base. So, you will need to be sure you have one that can accommodate your mount and rifle. Some bases are universal. Here are some universal bases.


Rails are important to the installation process of a scope mount. And your mount has to be compatible with either a Picatinny rail or a Weaver rail. In fact, some mounts will probably fit both. These rails allow for you to make customization quite easier for you. It will also allow you ample space to find the right kind of scope that you want for your .308 rifle. 

Integral base

Integral bases are often the easiest since the scope rings are fixed with the mount. In other words, you won’t have to install one to the other. This is probably the simplest solution that you can come up with if you are new to the entire concept of using a .308 rifle.

Also, it will save you a pretty good amount of time from tracking down separate parts and installing them one by one. You can install an integral base in no time flat. If simple is your thing, these types of mounts will surely be the best possible choice for you.

Top 3 Mounts for your 308 rifle Reviews 2020

 1 ​Vortex Optics Pro Riflescope Rings

Vortex Optics Pro Riflescope Rings

Vortex is known for being really durable. In fact, you might as well call them the undisputed champions of durability. Furthermore, their quality is perhaps second to none even when stacked against higher end brands. And to add the icing on the cake, they are also affordable for most budgets. While it is highly recommended to find the best quality that is affordable to you, these scope rings hit the sweet spot. Once you attach this to your Weaver or Picatinny rail, you’ll be able to fit any kind of scope you want for hunting or target shooting.

 2 Nikon Black Precision One Piece

 Nikon Black Precision 1Piece - Medium Height 30mm

Nikon might be the best at providing excellent optical quality, but they still deliver on the promise when it comes to providing high quality scope mounts. With that in mind, you can be able to install these on your rail of choice with no difficulty at all. But for best results, installing a Nikon scope will definitely make itself stand out among the rest of the pack. If you want a scope mount that will waste little of your time and make sure that your rifle is ready for a huge upgrade with the scope you choose, this is the mount you may want to consider.

 3 ​Leupold Dual Dovetail Rings

 Leupold 49957 Dual Dovetail Rings, 30mm (Medium Matte)

Leupold might be one of the direct rivals to Vortex in terms of durability. But it’s more of a higher end brand. So it will win some and lose some amongst shoppers. These scope mounts are strong and simple to install on a rail that you can depend on for all your customization needs. They can hold any good sized scope together without a single hint of wiggling around. So the scope maintains its stability even through so many rounds of gunfire.

Points to Remember

Adding a scope to your 308 is a great way to effectively increase the range at which you can accurately bring down your target. On its own the 308 is pretty powerful; a good scope makes it that much better.

In order to attach your scope to your 308 rifle, you will need to have a mounting system in place. There are two types of mounts-one piece and rings. The one-piece types are often heavier, which can be a concern. User fatigue when spending long periods of time in position is a real concern.


The other type is rings. Rings are usually lighter in weight. In order to attach a scope mount to your rifle, you will need to use a base. The most common bases for 308 rifles are either Picatinny or Weaver rails. 


The rails are crucial to the scope setup. They prevent your optic from sliding backwards with recoil or moving around during transit. You need to check and see what kind of rings your rifle’s base uses. Picatinny and Weaver rails are distinct, so the brand of rings you use may not always be interchangeable.

Next Steps

After you have successfully mounted your base and scope to your rifle, make sure that you properly zero it before taking it out in the field. A properly zeroed scope helps ensure that your point of aim and your point of impact match up successfully. It takes time and patience to properly zero your scope but it is time well spent. The whole point of adding a scope to your rifle is to increase your shooting range and to be successful in the type of hunting you plan on doing. Once you have spent the time and money purchasing the right scope, base and mounts and have spent the time installing it all, make sure to zero.


There is no greater joy than a good day in the field. Adding a scope is a great way to refine your aim and increase your accuracy. Once you have selected the right scope for your hunting needs, be sure to get the right mount and base. This is the glue that will hold the whole combo together and help to guarantee your success. After you have it all properly attached and zeroed, you are all set for some good hunting.

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