How to mount a scope for a 308

Now that you have finally selected the right scope for your .308 rifle and hunting needs, it is time to mount it. Some people will take their scope and rifle to a gunsmith, but it is a job you can tackle yourself. You simply need to make sure you have some common tools on hand first, and then make sure you have some time. This is a job you can do, but you do not want to rush through it.

Let’s take a look at what you will need and then the steps you will take to mount your .308 scope to your rifle.

Before you begin

The most important step to take before you do anything, is to check your rifle. Make sure that it is unloaded and safe. You must check to make sure that the magazine is unloaded, unclipped and the area is safe and secure.

What you will need

Before you begin mounting the scope to your rife, gather all your materials and tools.

1. The right screwdriver heads

If you want the installation to go swimmingly well, it starts with finding the right screwdriver heads. You will be choosing one that will either be compatible with Torx heads or Allen heads. Find out what your mounting system has before going any further.

2. Torque Wrench

Obviously, you want to get the lugnuts and other stuff nice and tight. The last thing you want to contend with are loose bits that will cause the mount to fall out of place. Find a wrench that will be compatible with the huts and bolts that you need to tighten and you won’t have to struggle with the installation.

3. Loctite

Good ol’ Loctite night just come in handy if you really want to keep the nuts, bolts, or even the mount itself intact. You probably won’t need it, but it’s worth having within an arms reach.

4. Levels

Nothing gets the job done quite like a level. You need one so that you are able to keep everything aligned and perfectly straight. You don’t want your scope to be crooked and off-course, right? The more level and straightforward the scope is, then you won’t have any trouble shooting straight and accurate shots almost every single time.

5. Rubbing alcohol

Think rubbing alcohol is just for cuts and scrapes? You’d be surprised. This actually makes for a great cleaning solvent for all your bits and pieces prior to installation. Be sure to use some in order to get rid of any oil buildup that may be detrimental to the quality of the mount.

6. Cleaning Rag

Can’t do any cleaning without these. Make sure you find some that are small in size (think dish cloths). Find a few that won’t create any scratches, scuffs, and whatever else.

7. Caliper

This will be a tool that will work in conjunction with your level. This will help you make dang sure that your scope is straight and well-balanced before you even install it and put it to good use.

8. A gun vice

This is a tool you need to keep it all in place. The need for this is pretty self explanatory. Again, stability is a must if you want to install a scope or mount on your rifle of choice.

How to mount your scope to your rifle.

Once you have double checked that the magazine is unloaded and unclipped and that your work area is safe, you are ready to begin mounting the scope.

1. Take the cleaning rag and add some rubbing alcohol to it.

You should thoroughly clean every bit and piece of the mount using a cloth . Do a couple of wipe overs before going any further.

2.Test fit

This is where the fun begins. Well, sort of. At this point, you’ll want to make sure that all the bits and pieces are lined up and able to fit in the right spots. This way, you can determine if everything fits or will need some additional fitting.

3.Attach the rings

Once you are 100 percent certain that everything is ready to fit, install the rings on the base. Make sure you double check the install instructions provided by the manufacturer.

4.Place the scope on the rings

Be sure that the rings have plenty of space priory to install. You don’t want them too close to the turret.

5.Now you can start to tighten the screws.

At this point, this next step is pretty self explanatory. Using a screwdriver of your choice, now you can tighten the screws and ensure they are secure once you are complete.

6. Attach bottom rings

Now you can secure the bottom bottom rings to the base. Again, consult the instructions that came with the base and scope rings. Use a small amount of Loctite on the threads of the attachment screws, tighten the screws and torque them to the specs provided.

7.Set the scope on the bottom rings.

8. Attach the top rings over the scope and tighten them lightly.

9. Now you will keep the reticle straight

With two levels (which is optional, but one is a must) you should be able to level the elevation knob and make sure the entire scope is leveled and lined up. Make sure to fasten the scope rings just a bit

10. Now check the eye relief

Pick up the rifle and shoulder it, but close your eyes first.

Using a quality cheek weld, pretend you are holding the rifle and preparing to take a shot.

At this point, you should have a clear view of your image picture through the scope without looking closely.

If you need to make adjustments, you can do so by moving the scope back and forth until you are able to see through the scope at the desired eye relief (i.e.–keep your eye three inches away from the eye piece if the eye relief is three inches). Once you are able to get a straight image view, secure the rings the whole way through.

11.Finish securing the screws

Double check to see if the scope is square and straight. Then tighten the screws and apply any Loctite if needed.

12. Bore sighting

Now you will check your scope and rifle for bore sighting. Be sure that the barrel’s centerline is aligned with the scope itself. They should be at the same distance within each other.

If you need a good idea at what distance you need to bore your sights at, you may want to consider 50 yards as a good starting point. Anything less would be considered too close.

13. Make sure to let the Loctite cure overnight.

Points to remember

If you are a gun owner, then you already understand the importance of caring for and maintaining your firearms. Adding scopes and optics to your rifle is a great way to increase your shooting range your accuracy and the type of game you may be hunting.

Once you have narrowed down your choices and picked the best scope for your 308, it will need to be mounted. Although your first reaction may be to go visit your local gunsmith, this is a job you can do yourself. Just make sure that you have a few tools on hand and clear your schedule.

The mounting process is not overly difficult, but you do not want to rush through it either.

Once you have your scope properly mounted, you will want to zero your scope. Doing this increases your accuracy and ensures that the point of aim and the point of impact will line up successfully. All of this prep work can seem time consuming, but it is worth it when you see your success out on the range.


Mounting your new scope can be done pretty easily. Make sure you have the proper tools on hand and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for the best and safest installation. It is a good idea to invest in a good set of tools if you do not already have them on hand. A dependable set of tools will be with you for a long time and serve you well.

And as always, before doing any work on your rifle, make sure that the magazine is unloaded and unclipped and that your work space is secure. There are no shortcuts when it comes to your safety.

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